Successful use at FIFA Confederations Cup - promising debut for GoalControl

Positive verdict for "GoalControl-4D"

Over the past two weeks, the system, which is based on 14 high-speed cameras and works in cooperation with the GoalRef™ watch system, has proved its worth in its first outing at the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil. “Our system correctly displayed every goal in the tournament as well as the strikes during the penalty shootouts in the Spain - Italy semifinal and the 3rd place playoff match," reported Dirk Broichhausen, Managing Director of GoalControl GmbH, who attended the final on Sunday evening in Rio. The functionality of “GoalControl-4D" was constantly monitored by FIFA officials at the 16 matches in six stadiums. “We are looking forward to the FIFA World Cup next year," said Broichhausen.

The replay function of “GoalControl-4D”, which allows the path of the ball and the time it crosses the goal line to be accurately tracked, also enjoyed a successful debut in Brazil. In the 3rd place playoff match, Astori was identified as the actual goalscorer of the goal that gave Italy a 1-0 lead. Further advantages of GoalControl: Outstanding flexibility – it can be played with standard balls, goals and goal nets.

Broichhausen above all thanked his team that was on site and prepared the system: "When you are away from home for up to 9 weeks and you see the outstanding results, this makes you particularly proud. Everyone did an excellent job.

Broichhausen also praised the collaboration with world soccer’s governing body FIFA: “We felt like part of the FIFA family from the very beginningBroichhausen también alaba la colaboración con la Federación Internacional de Fútbol Asociación FIFA. "Desde el principio nos hemos sentido parte de la familia de la FIFA. Independientemente de las cuestiones y los temas que se trataron, el trabajo en equipo y los sistemas de toma de decisiones funcionaron a la perfección. No se vio a GoalControl solo como un proveedor contractual para un servicio, sino como a un socio de igual valía integrado. Esto nos motiva y alegra muchísimo".. Regardless of the question or issue, teamwork and effective decision-making processes worked extremely well. GoalControl was not only seen as a contracted service provider, but a committed and valuable partner. This motivates us enormously and makes us happy."

GoalControl will now increasingly focus on both national leagues and associations, their league operations and cup competitions. Because of the pleasingly large number of interested parties, predominantly league associations and soccer teams, we can progress step by step.

“We will recruit more personnel at a national and international level so that we are even better positioned both in technical and administrative/organizational areas,” said Broichhausen.

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