FIFA certified goal-line technology installed in Germany for the first time

El Tivoli Stadion de Aquisgrán ya cuenta con la certificación "FIFA Quality PRO"

The TIVOLI Stadium in Aachen has held the “FIFA Quality PRO" quality mark since April 14 for the goal-line system “GoalControl-4D" which has been installed in the modern arena. The home of Alemannia Aachen is the first stadium in Germany with a FIFA certified goal-line technology installation!

In March 2014, Würselen-based GoalControl GmbH undertook various preparatory work with a view to the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil – as part of this, the Tivoli in Aachen was able to receive official certification without the Regionalliga club having to incur any costs.

With the International Football Association (IFAB) approving the inclusion of goal-line technology (GLT) in the rules in June 2012, final installation tests and the associated certification are now prerequisites for holding official competitive matches that use goal-line technology in the respective stadium. These mandatory tests, conducted and approved by the accredited British institute Labosport Ltd and supervised by world soccer’s governing body FIFA, were successfully completed in March 2014 in the TIVOLI Stadium which was newly opened in 2009. The Aachen stadium now meets the same GLT standards as the arenas at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. For the technology to also be used in regular match operation, e.g. Alemannia’s Regionalliga matches, it needs to be established in the competition rules. The club and company will contact the relevant associations in this regard.

Around 30 stadiums worldwide currently have the “FIFA Quality PRO” standard. “We are proud that our ´TIVOLI´ is a leading pioneer among German soccer stadiums,” said Alemannia CEO Alexander Mronz. In recent months, the Regionalliga club and Alemannia Stadion GmbH have always been open to the innovations of GoalControl GmbH, as well as actively assisting the installation at the stadium in Aachen.

GoalControl Managing Director Dirk Broichhausen: “As a technology company in the Aachen region, we are in the immediate vicinity of a traditional soccer stronghold with the Tivoli in Aachen. That’s why it was a logical step to equip our visitor, training and development center at the TIVOLI Stadion.” This should drive further innovations in the area of camera-based analysis and entertainment systems for the sport. “We will also certainly be able to welcome soccer decision-makers from the world’s top leagues to Aachen in the near future. They will want to convince themselves of the performance and added value of goal-line technology for clubs through our “GoalControl-4D" system on site," added Broichhausen.

On October 10, 2013, world soccer’s governing body FIFA announced GoalControl GmbH in Würselen as the provider of goal-line technology for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. The company will install its “GoalControl-4D” system, based on 7 high-speed cameras on each side of the goal, in all 12 venues in Brazil for the most important and world’s biggest soccer tournament (June 12 – July 13, 2014) and ensure smooth operation.

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