Rolfes’ technology company GoalControl wins another cup competition!

After the Portuguese League Cup, Simon Rolfes’ company GoalControl GmbH has also been awarded the contract for the French League Cup by the LFP.

Aachen/Paris 08.01.2018 The German technology company GoalControl - as one of two licensed providers of goal-line technology - has been awarded the contract for the French League Cup from the quarterfinals onwards by the French League Association (LFP). The goal detection system is therefore now being used for both the Portuguese and French League Cups.

Simon Rolfes, as Chairman of GoalControl, sees this as confirmation of the continuous development of the system: “I think the use of technology in soccer is important and makes the sport a bit fairer. A referee cannot 100% correctly assess every situation on the field, because he may have his view obstructed by players in front of him. The fact we have been awarded another competition shows that the current development of our system is bearing fruit.” The system will be used this week in the quarterfinal matches and then through to the final.

The special cup ball has been extensively tested and last week passed the FIFA® FIT and can therefore be used. GoalControl was the first provider to use its goal-line technology at a FIFA® World Cup. GoalControl has now been used in more than 50 different stadiums. The LFP is using the system for league games in Ligue 1 and now also in the League Cup. The system is also used in various stadiums worldwide including the Final Four of the Portuguese League Cup in Braga at the end of this month.

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