GoalControl-4D is our premium goal-line technology system which detects all types of ball, all goal frames and all goal nets and colors. The result of months of development and countless hours of testing is that the system detects the ball and its trajectory in all weather conditions.

The tests were carried out on all ball types, in various confined spaces, on different types of goal net and in different match scenarios. And this is how it works:
The GoalControl-4D system is based on 14 cameras which are positioned around the field and mounted on the stadium roof/catwalk. 7 cameras are aligned with each goal. The cameras are connected to a high-performance computer which tracks the movement of all objects on the field and hides interfering factors such as players, the referee and all other unimportant factors. The most important object - the football and its position - is continuously tracked and automatically captured in three dimensions (X, Y and Z coordinates with millimeter precision) as soon as the ball is near the goal line. When the ball has completely crossed the goal line, the central control unit sends an encrypted visual and audible signal to the referee’s watch in less than a second.
All camera images of goal incidents are recorded to validate the system’s decision and facilitate media use.

Technical details

  • 7 cameras per goal
  • Up to 500 individual images per second
  • Goal detection accuracy: 5mm

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