GLT Replay

While the GoalControl-4D System uses 7 high-speed cameras per goal to determine whether the ball was behind the goal line or not, the fans/spectators want to see evidence of this. When TV camera replays cannot provide any clarity as to whether the ball was in the goal or not, the GoalControl-4D system has already collected all the information:
The real-time camera footage from all 7 angles can be replayed and in less than 2 milliseconds.

The GoalControl Replays module was developed to provide real-time evidence that the ball was in the goal. The system automatically creates a 3D view of the ball on a virtual soccer field - without a delay. A virtual rotatable camera hovers over the virtual soccer field and shows spectators whether the ball has really crossed the goal line or not with a unique view of the goal line. All that can be broadcast to living rooms or the large LED screens in the stadium.

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