About GoalControl

GoalControl is a specialist in visual real-time analysis. The GoalControl team has many years of experience in the development and installation of camera-based systems. These systems capture, identify and track objects in complex environments, e.g. a football in 3D on a soccer field.

In GoalControl-4D, we have developed a system that meets all FIFA criteria for GLT (goal-line technology). The system is based on 14 cameras which are positioned around the field and aligned with both goals. The position of the ball is continuously and automatically recorded in 3 dimensions when the ball is near the goal line. When the ball has completely crossed the goal line, the central control unit sends an encrypted signal (vibration and beep) to the referee’s watch in less than a second. GoalControl-4D helps the referee reach clear decisions: goal or no goal.

For more information follow the Product link.

The GoalControl GmbH Team

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